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Import, exports and Brand building in the FMCG sector.

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For all your Import, Export & Logistics Needs.

The company has a full team specializing in the procurement, import/export and logistics needs for various commercial companies and International Aid Organisations.

Our Services & Objectives

Our Services

Operating out of Gauteng, Casmara has the capacity to provide services throughout Africa, including countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. read more

Financial Objective

Casmara’s aim is to increase our foot print and market share on FMCG products within the South African supermarket chains, and thus supply more supermarkets with the products that we import. read more

Customer Objective

Casmara builds long-term relationships with our customers and constantly seeks opportunities to optimise our service offering. While adhering to national and international standards and pursuing best practices read more

Internal objective

Internal operational objectives focus on business processes that have an impact on creating customer value and satisfaction, and to focus on maintaining the firm’s core competencies. read more


The following products are imported from Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe:

  • Tanganda tea
  • Ballyhouse drinks
  • Nestle cerevita
  • Cheeky chilli
  • FMCG Products
  • Groundnuts, dry bean varieties, soyas
  • Starch
  • Animal feed products

The company has a solid South African client base, which regularly purchases goods.
Products are carefully vetted and imported from companies who adhere to strict quality control. Where possible, goods are imported on SADC certificates.


The type of product varies according to the different clients’ needs. Our products, which are exported on a CIF basis, are very competitively priced.
These goods include:

  • Agricultural commodities (irrigation, fertilisers, seed, etc).
  • Food aid products.
  • Furniture (household appliances, office furniture, beds).
  • Office equipment (computers, IT equipment, stationery).
  • Building materials (steel and fencing materials, irrigation pipes, pumps, generators, electrical cables, electrical products).
  • Medical supplies.
  • Miscellaneous (eg.: hardware products, tyres, vehicle & motorbike spares, protective wear, cleaning materials, groceries, green bar soap, mosquito nets, hygiene kits).


Casmara also supplies into the FMCG markets, namely:

  • Bally House Crushes & Syrups
  • Cerevita (Nestlé),
  • Cheeky Chilli,
  • Kapenta
  • Tanganda Tea,

Other Products

Amongst other products, into various supermarkets and large food store chains. A sales and merchandising team look after the products in the stores, with continuous in-store promotions to build brand awareness.

Company Information

  • Casmara Reg no.: 1999/003813/23
  • Exporters’ Code: 1892804
  • Registered with SADC
  • Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce
  • VAT Registered VAT no.: 4930194222
  • Tax Compliant with Tax Clearance
  • BEE Compliant

Contact Details

Tel no: (+27) 12 345 5996 | (+27) 86 111 2351
Fax no : (+27) 86 672 8123

Unit 2, 2A Einstein Street
Highveld Techno Park